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Keeping Ontario Beautiful

Keeping Ontario Beautiful

2018 Photography Contests

Annual Fall Photo Contest
There are 13 categories in the 2018 Annual Contest. Six are horticultural, six are general (with non-horticultural subjects), and one is for children and youth.

Entries will be accepted at the October general meeting on October 18. Here are this year's Annual Contest categories:

  1. Captured Beauty (close up of a single flower)
  2. Iris
  3. Clematis
  4. In Flower (any type of tree during a time when it flowers)
  5. On the Dry Side (cactus or succulent)
  6. Botanical Gardens (any photo of plants taken at a botanical garden)
  1. Relics of Yesterday (buildings or items from long ago)
  2. Feather or Fur
  3. Sunrise or Sunset
  4. Photographer’s Choice (black and white only)
  5. At the Market (farmer’s market or indoor market like the St. Lawrence Market)
  6. Winged beauties (butterflies or moths)
    Children & Youth Section
  1. My Favourite Flower
    • Children's division (10 years or under)
    • Youth division (11 to 17 years)
Entry is only open to members of the East York Garden Club, and to children or grandchildren (17 or under) of club members.

Full contest rules and information can be found in your yearbook on pages 27 to 29. Entry forms will be available at the September & October meetings, or you can download a pdf version of the entry form. You'll need Adobe Acrobat to view and print the form. If don't have Acrobat, you can download the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

People's Choice Photo Contests
2018 began with People's Choice contests in January, February, & March. Another People's Choice Contest took place at the Annual Flower Show and Tea on August 18, with three categories. There is one more People's Choice to come, our special competition at the November AGM, to select the photo used for the 2019 EYGC Yearbook cover. Entries are judged by a vote of those who are present at the meetings.

  • January 18 - Garden Bones – A winter photo of the garden
  • February 15 - Family Day – An outing or activity
  • March 15 - Ice
  • August 18 (Annual Flower Show):
    1. Vegetables in the Garden
    2. My Favourite Flower
    3. At the Beach
  • November 16 - Yearbook Cover